Floating STONE
"Arcoīs Third Eye" DOUBLE-CD

$15 (US postpaid) or
20,Euro (postpaid)

The new double cd!!! Looks and sounds great!

CD 1 was recorded in Waltenhofen, Germany and contains Jeff Aug on acoustic instrumental fingerstyle guitar and Niko Lai on Udu, bells, and percussion. This album also features special guests Anne Clark (vocals), Jann Michael Engel (cello), and Murat Parlak (piano vocals) on a couple of tracks.

CD 2 contains 6 ambient remixes by the ambient noise producer XABEC of Leipzig, Germany.

Floating STONE

$15 (US postpaid) or
20,Euro (postpaid)

Thatīs right! A double CD!!! Looks and sounds great!

CD 1 was recorded at Jugendheim St. Andreas in Korschenbroich, Germany in December 1999. Absolutely fantastic. Hundreds sold and not a single complaint! Jeff on guitar and loop machine, Niko on Udu and Tibeten meditation bells.

CD 2 was recorded at the Galerie Cafe in Moenchengladbach, Germany in November 2000. Another outstanding live recording. Features Jeff on his new Lowden O23c and NO loop machine! This live cd features special guest vocalist Michael Front (Banana Peel Buzz, Elben) on 5 tracks! Great Jams, old favorites, a must for any enthusiast!

--Banana Peel Buzz--

$12 (US postpaid) or
7,Euro (postpaid)

Jeff is back on the electric! His skate/boarder punk band Banana Peel Buzz is back in action after a 10-year pause. All German line-up (except for Jeff, of course). Features Michael Front on vocals, Kurty Muench (ex-Rotting Corpse, ex-Double You See) on drums, and Chris Lakriz (ex-Hollywood Teasze, Kevin K) on bass. This cd features 5-studio recordings, plus 3 live acoustic tracks! Keep yourself up to date and add this to your order!

Jeff Aug (solo)
--In the Breezeway--

$12 (US postpaid) or
12,Euro (postpaid)

Well known chillinī 2nd solo acoustic instrumental guitar release from Jeff. First came out in 1997. Features "The Machine" which is available on tablature. Pick this up and a bottle of red wine on the way home!

--Before then After--

$12 (US postpaid) or
12,Euro (postpaid)

Sure there are some mellow tracks on this 1998 release. Over 70 minutes of mind-blowing solo acoustic instrumental fingerstyle guitar. Recorded at the legendary Corrosive Media studios located in Southern Germany. Goes from the most mellow to spacey, mind-wrenching grooves...Whacked effects at times. This is an absolute must! Only pure solo guitar release...Features:
Funky Acoustic Groove Thang Part 1

Dedication to the Saz
Funky Acoustic Groove Thang Part 2
Beneīs Bad Boy Boogie
much, much more...(come on, itīs over 70 minutes!)


CD $7 (US postpaid) or
7,Euro (postpaid)

12inch Vinyl $10 (US postpaid) or
10,Euro (postpaid)

This maxi-single cd (also 12 inch vinyl...yES! VINYL!!!!) features 2 remixes done by members of the Freaky Fukin Weirdoz, the original recording of "Rocket" remastered for extra heaviness, and a rerecording of "Dolphinwave" using a panning-delay. "Rif Kif Rocket Remix" does it drum n bass style. "Gringo Groove Rocket Remake" does it techno. Collectable. Limited pressing. Vinyl looks Phat!!!


Order a copy of the 3-song Jeff Aug solo guitar tablature!

$10 (US postpaid) or
10,Euro (postpaid)

"The Machine"
"Grandmaīs Anniversary"

Other recordings for sale:

Brandon, 1996 (produced by John Avila): $15 postpaid

Inglis, 1997 : $12 postpaid

new Inglis release due out in 2001!!!!! Watch out for it!

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